I wish I was a Space Cowboy

As you may well imagine my name isn’t Bonny. And I’m not a Bard. Though I’d like to think I would have been, had I been born in another time… and male of course, who ever heard of a girl bard?


I’m neither a bard nor a writer, but I am a person who likes to write, and to share, I’m a sharer and a writer, hence I’m a blogger. This isn’t my first blog. My first blog has been abandoned because of some issues over what I choose to write and how it affects others (and talking about it in an impersonal third person makes me less sad, because I, in fact, abandoned it, and I’m very sad about this state of affairs). I quite liked the old blog, in fact, I’ll be moving the archives over here momentarily (as in, as soon as the “grieving” period is over).


So I’m a blogger, a lover of alliterations, and run on sentences. And sentence fragments. I’m a wife and a mother of a Boy and a Girl, I’m a daughter and a sister. I’m a ranter. I can be serious and ridiculous, occasionally funny, and sometimes sad. I’m a cooker, an eater and an organizer, I’m often a driver and very, very rarely a cleaner. I’m a hirer, and an ex-worker and ex-dancer. I wish I were a runner, and a drinker, but both take too much effort. I’m a friend, a lover, a gossip, a dreamer, and a screamer. But I won’t scream at you. So hang out a while, take a look around, see if you like it here. I hope you come back often, and leave me comments cause I’d like to have a conversation. Great friends can be made in this here internet, and I want to get to know you.





p.s. just in case you’re interested:

– I sign “M” in a personal and rather sentimental hat tipping to my old blog.

– bard [bahrd]:  a person who composed and recited epic or heroic poems, often while playing the harp, lyre, or the like.

– bonny (also bonnie): physically attractive or appealing. Pretty. Or Excellent (mostly British English).

– I chose “The Bonny Bard” because I’m vain and think I’m attractive, also my writing is so good it qualifies as poetry. But mostly because I have a pretty useless degree in English lit, and an unnatural obsession with words (and alliteration), also Bonny can be used as a first name and Bard as a last name for facebook purposes (because sooner or later I’ll get sucked back into all the social media nonsense.) Oh, and “B” is one of the first letters of the alphabet (the second, in fact) and the truly experienced bloggers all agree that your blog name should start with one of the first letters of the alphabet for some reason or another. See, I covered ALL my bases.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. There are so many things I wish I could write about my family, you know, and be honest. But even thought their behaviors ARE such, they don’t want me pointing it out. I don’t get that, it’s okay to live in a way that often hurts me, but I’m not able to express that?

  2. I came across your Blog by chance…I’d just finished writing today’s(7-19-13) post on my blog_http://sagebookwhisperer.blogspot.com/ _ in which I referred to Josh & brent of the Beekman Boys 1802 as the “The Bonny Bards of Beekman Square”. They live in an area named Beekman Square & Josh wrote a delight book called “The Bucolic Plague” about how two New York “Manhattanites became Gentlemen Farmers. I kinda wondered if that name was out on the internet somewhere….landed here! Love your writings_ take a look at my Blog_ The Sage Book Whisperer…http://sagebookwhisperer.blogspot.com/ . Signed up to return to the BonnyBard!Namaste’

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