If home is where the heart is, what the hell is this?


It’s a little weird being here… this isn’t my usual spot, you see, I had another blog, a blog which I loved, but that I had to shut down for a variety of reasons. The reasons aren’t really all that important in fact, it was the classic case of deciding whether I should censure my writing, what I choose to share on my blog or potentially hurting, embarrassing or angering the people I love. It basically comes to my reasons for blogging, I blog to share things about myself, to vent, to say what I really feel and think and rarely do we get to do this in the “real world”. The internet is my escape, my alter-ego, or rather, my actual-ego, I get to be myself here, without needing to worry about how what I write will be perceived.

Also, I can openly write the word “fuck” as many times as I want without getting a call from my mother.

I’m trying to get used to this new space, I’m trying to stop grieving about my old cyber-home, all the words, all the emotions, all the (please forgive me for being dramatic) blood, sweat, and tears that I left over there. All the friends. Although some of you have followed me here, so thank you! And if you like what you read, please share this blog with your friends, I’m feeling a wee bit lonely over here for now!

After this, hopefully discreet, call to arms, I’d just like to add that I’m starting to get excited about this new endeavor, and I’m wondering how really writing for myself, without the added incentive/disincentive of knowing many of my readers will affect what I put on here. Profanity aside, of course. I’m hoping it’ll be fun… for all of us.

Toodles, M.

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