Ten things husbands should do

I’m joining in with Stasha’s listicles today because the subject intrigued me… 10 things husbands should do… My first thought was: only ten? But then I started really thinking about what I should write, ten things I want my husband to do that he doesn’t? ten things I think all husbands should do? ten things my husband does that I think are wonderful? (snort). And then I decided I was totally over-thinking this and wrote down the first ten things I came up with.

Oh and also: Though I use “he” our “you” I’m not referring to anyone in particular, just a generic “husband” any similarity to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

1. I take care of the house, you’re in charge of anything on wheels. (this includes, but is not limited to: washing the cars and getting them detailed, taking care of all car bureaucracy, putting air in the tires – of cars, bicycles, motorcycles etc, getting oil changes, changing snow tires, and making sure all insurance is up to date.)

2. The killing of insects and removal of their carcasses. (I cannot stress the second point enough)

3.  Taking over child management duties on the very rare occasions the wife is ill.

4. Dealing with the mess of wires behind the tv and household desks.

5. Doing the house perimeter check when the bloody house alarm won’t come on because one of the “barriers” is “active”, invariably at night.

6. Scraping the scuzz of the hot grill before I have to wash it.

7. Putting your own clothes away. (a girl can dream…)

8. Actually listening when going over the family schedule for the week, or alternatively, not going over it at all and just remembering to check the very large and color-coded calendar in the kitchen. (Room where one cooks).

9. If one of the kids has been screaming bloody murder, for over 30 seconds and no one’s intervened I’m probably in the bathroom. Go check on them.

10. Occasional foot and or back rubs, like once or twice a month, it could really be beneficial for both parties, gratitude can go a long way… just saying.

I know I made a mess of pronouns on here, but half the time I wasn’t even sure who I was talking about. Although, to be fair, my husband is rather good about several of these… and the ones he needs to work on are pretty obvious.

What do you think husbands should do? I’d love to read your opinion in the comments, or if you’re up to it join in with the linky at Northwest Mommy!

Toodles, M

11 thoughts on “Ten things husbands should do

  1. Amen to number 8! I don’t know what to do beyond putting it in his ear and providing it written down. Does he really want me to resort to implanting a chip in his brain? I’m sure I can find one on Amazon. Or Craig’s List. Ellen

  2. Indeed. What is up with those wires still?! I mean everything is wireless these day, apparently. Yet i still have miles of them everywhere around the house! Great list.

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