The hours go slow, but the years they go so fast

Cliché, I know. But I hate seeing my kids growing up! I’m not in a big rush to let go of the baby, toddler, preschooler phase, I don’t mind diapers and bottles and late night calls for water. Well, honestly, at this point I could probably live with eight hours of uninterrupted sleep… but I don’t mind the little “annoyances” for lack of a better word, of having small children. What I do mind is this constant anxiety I have at the fact that every minute that ticks by they’re getting older and moving inexorably away from me. I can’t tell if it’s selfishness, insecurity or what that stems these feelings but I have them, I don’t want my kids to grow up. So I let them reach their milestones at their own pace, I found myself asking my three-year old if he was absolutely, positively sure he wanted to be out of his diapers already, I try to let them be babies for as long as I possibly can. The logical consequence of this reticence of mine is, of course, that they both do everything early, they walked, talked and ran early, they tried new foods and were ready for more grown up games before their time. So I guess the joke’s on me.

The years, they really do go by so fast, and the harder I try to hold on to them the faster they go.

Ironically, though, the days, they go so slow. And I get frustrated and upset and irritable just like any other mother. It’s infuriating. Here I am not wanting them to grow up, but rolling my eyes at their tantrums, yelling at their messes, sighing in frustration at their fighting. Probably not enjoying their childish antics as much as I should, or could. In fact, as I’m standing over them pissed off for some reason or another I can see my future self regretting the stupid little things that so make me angry now but that are indelible signs of their babyhood. And I wonder why does everything have to be so fraught with contradictions? I wish I could just let go and enjoy the moments that I have, that I could shut off my brain, that I could look at the present without all the baggage from the past and anxiety for the future.

The years, they go so fast, as for the days though, I wonder if their going slow is just an illusion because we’re so caught up in living life we don’t see it slipping through our fingers. These small people we’re entrusted with turning into adults, they are little for such a short time…

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11 thoughts on “The hours go slow, but the years they go so fast

  1. I try to think of this every time I wish away a phase (like the cranky two year old phase). I’m going to miss this time with them so I better just enjoy it.

  2. My babies are now almost 23 and 19, I can attest to how fast they grow up. While you can enjoy all their childhood phases.

    (visiting via PYHO)

  3. Sometimes I am wishing phases away when I should be trying to find the good in them and soaking up the memories. It is a hard battle to live in the moment and still enjoy doing so. Life gets in the way of living sometimes. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll take it!!

  4. I love that phrase..even if it is overdone it’s so very true.Such a huge challenge to enjoy the stages when you are in the trenches of parenthood. I keep thinking it gets easier…but it jsut gets harder in a different way.

  5. I agree! I think there are so many parents focused on making their babies independent. My son will be 3 in Sept- that’s sounds so big boy, but frankly, it’s just not! We’ve been letting him reach his milestones at his own pace too. It does hurt to see time pass, but I guess we have to embrace it. Love your new space.

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