I’ll marry you

The other day I had the following conversation with the Boy as he was sitting on my lap cuddling before bed:

Mama what’s in that box?

It’s Sister’s christening outfit, you have one too.

Oh… what’s christening?

Long explanation here, which I won’t relay cause frankly I can’t remember anything other than the fact that we seem to be stuck on religion lately and I ended with: then there’s your first communion and your confirmation if you decide to do it and then you can get married and these are the sacraments (yes, I decided to leave the last sacrament out of the conversation with a four-year old).

Get married?

Yes one day when you’re old like daddy you could fall in love and decide to get married (notice what I did there?)

Okay, well, I’m going to marry sister.

Oh, baby, you can’t marry your sister.

Why not? (indignantly)

Because you can’t. (please don’t make me explain this!)

Okay, then I’ll marry you, Mama.

I’ll marry you, Mama…. How many little boys have said this in all innocence to their mothers, and how many of them have actually ended up marrying their mothers?

Oh, don’t be gross! Of course I meant women who were very similar to their mothers! I’m thinking just as many as girls who realized well into their marriages that they have, indeed, married their fathers. Life is a cliché sometimes, isn’t it? And yet my heart melted just a little bit at those words because for now, for just a short time, I’m still the center of his universe (after Sister, of course).

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15 thoughts on “I’ll marry you

  1. I think it’s cute when little boys say this to their mothers. My 4 year-old daughter tells me constantly that she’s never leaving home or getting married. She’s going to live with me forever. Sweet. It pulls at my heart strings because I know, one day, she won’t be saying this to me any longer.

  2. There’s nothing like the love a little boy has for his mama, and it’s so true, they do end up marrying their mothers (if they’re smart!). Welcome to my little linky, so happy to have you here!

  3. That’s so cute. I say it all the time, in some ways my husband is very much like my dad. And yes, I do remember when my boy wanted to marry me… Just the other day our little one said to her daddy that he needs to “put me away” so she can marry him!!! 🙂

  4. What a sweet story. When I married my husband, at the time – I thought him the furthest from my dad… turns out I was wrong 🙂 My dad will always be an integral part of my decisions – even when I don’t know it!

  5. Apparently, it’s either a mama or a sister; although I also know of two little brothers who wanted to have a baby together. That prompted a quick lesson on the birds and the bees from their mother.

  6. So sweet, and so true! I remember when I first explained to my son that an alternative sacrament to marriage would be ordination. It was the first time he really realized that the priests didn’t marry. He thought about it a minute and then announced that he’d rather marry a girl than Jesus.

    • See that’s why my husband should take care of the religious talks in our house (he doesn’t…) as a non-catholic I never would have thought of that! I feel another talk coming up in my future…

  7. My 7 1/2 year old already has his eye on a girl in his class “who make my tummy funny and my smile big” (ahhhhh…..heart)….. however, he has declared that when he marries her – they will be living with me because he would miss mommy too much. ahhh…. I am thinking that the teen years will solve this for me quite quickly. but for now….. ah love *sigh*

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