Monday Listicles – the macabre one

I can hardly believe that the only thing I wrote on the blog the entire week was Stasha’s Monday Listicle. Well at least I’ve got something to keep me writing; it’s like a compulsion, but not a scary obsessive one.This week’s listicle inspired by Mannahattamamma, based on Nora Ephron’s list of what she will miss and what she won’t, is a teensy bit macabre, yet also, right up my alley, as I’m always thinking of what would happen if I were to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Ten things I wouldn’t miss

1. Traffic

2. Rude people

3. Dirty bathrooms

4. Bad TV

5. Listening to people talk in the morning

6. Shoveling snow

7. Sweating

8. Ticking clocks

9. Fear

10. Spiders and Cockroaches

Ten things I would miss

1. My loves: the Boy, the Girl, and the Husband

2. My family

3. The perfect yoga lesson

4. The feeling of possibility and hope

5. Driving with loud music

6. Dancing

7. The sea

8. Books

9. Good TV

10. Dreams – awake and asleep

Ah, the hell with it, I couldn’t stop at ten:

11. Nutella

12. Snuggling in my bed

13. Kisses – friendly ones, slobbery baby ones, passionate ones, tentative ones, loving ones, even perfunctory ones.

14. The perfect peace of when I’m alone, doing my thing, late at night, no one to see, nothing to do.

15. Autumn leaves

16. Thanksgiving

17. Seeing my children turn into adults

I could go on and on with the things I would miss, but the more I write the achier I feel in my chest. Honestly, I think the worst thing that could possibly happen to me would be to know I’m dying ahead of time, it would be torture, hell on earth. In fact, I think I’d probably miss the things I wrote I wouldn’t miss too! On the one hand I’ve always thought I’d want to know, so I could prepare my loved ones, so I could tie loose ends, so I could write letters and give advice and direction where needed, but really no one can actually do those things. Better to just go suddenly, poof. But of course, as the Husband’s illness taught us, we have no control over these things, we die when we die and we live while we’re living. And we write lists on Mondays.

20 thoughts on “Monday Listicles – the macabre one

  1. I’m surprised that snuggling in your bed and nutella were so far down on the list. I would have put them right up there next to my husband and kids! 😉

  2. Love that last line too. Triple I heart you.
    The possibility and hope. Yes that! ANd the ticking clocks drive me bonkers too. Why oh why can’t they be silent?!

  3. yes, let’s make a rule….no one speaks before 10 am and 2 cups of coffee.
    and I am suddenly dreaming of the possibility of nutella flavoured kisses. by the sea. 🙂
    great list!

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