Monday Listicles – THANKS!

Today’s Monday Listicle is all about the Thanks, so without further ado:

1. Thanks to the older lady at the beach who distracted my two year old out of her tantrum today.

2. Thanks to the asshole who decided he was to cool to stop at the pedestrian crossing thus prompting a valuable lesson on idiots.

3. Thanks to the Boy for insisting we bake a cake yesterday. The cake was yummy and we had fun.

4. Thanks to my Mother for allotting me space in her suitcase again so I can get some much coveted things from home. (Also to my friends who send me vitally important stuff like twizzlers and Fourth of July glo stick bracelets.)

5. Thanks Apple for designing a truly crappy magnetic cover for the ipad3 created purposely (it would seem) so I could drop it and cracked the screen.

6. Thanks to the Husband for not completely loosing his shit over number 5.

7. Thanks to the lovely lady from Senegal selling clothes on the beach (walking with a heavy backpack and arms full of dresses on hangers under the scorching July sun, while we all lie on the beach) for giving me a discount and promising to get me the dress I liked in another color, with a smile on her face and a thanks at the end.

8. Thanks to Nespresso for making a truly wonderful coffee maker, unlike the crappy Lavazza one we’ve been using at the beach.

9. Thanks to Mañana Mama for writing truly poetic posts.

10. Thanks to Stasha for giving me inspiration every Monday and ensuring at least one post gets on here a week.


19 thoughts on “Monday Listicles – THANKS!

  1. Don’t give up on Apple, I called them after I dropped mine and they send me a new one. And itn your case it was kinda their fault anyway…
    I am glad you are having all these wonderful things happening at the beach. Lovely list of little, happy moments.

  2. I was in the grocery store the other day and a boy was willfully ignoring his mom, so I waited a minute and then pulled out my “teacher voice,” and I said, “Josh, what’s Mommy asking you to do?” He looked at me, not at all scared, but walked over to her. When I do such things, and it’s rare, I never know if the mom will cuss at me or thank me. This one did the latter. yay!

    • I’d always be thankful! A few months back I was flying back to Italy from Houston and my youngest was HYPER and didn’t want to sleep (the plane was dark, everyone else was trying to sleep) so she kept crying, and the guy behind me got up, walked over, looked straight at her with his index finger raised and shushed her loudly. She shut up instantly! He then patted me on the back (I think to let me know he wasn’t being an asshole, rather was trying to help) and sat back down. I was a little taken aback, but so, so thankful!

  3. Sometimes, cakes taste the best when it’s a spur of the moment thing…either that, or I just really love cake. And, could you send that lady our way? We have lots of tantrums over here too 😉

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