Monday Listicles – Shut up, just shut that shit up already!

It’s Monday once again and time for listicling. Amazingly last week I managed to post more than just the listicle, despite all the busy vacationing that I’m doing, but I’ve got to admit that Stasha’s lists are my favorite posting “assignments” of the week.  This week she asked us to list 10 sounds that drive us bonkers, this was pretty easy for me tonight, as we had a really annoying dinner experience and I’m still rankled from it. The restaurant was hot, as in Dante’s inferno, as in I ordered a soda just so I could rub the cold can on my neck, face, and cleavage in what could have been a very seductive move had I not had sweat running down my temples, as in invest in some fucking fans already. I’m sure you get the picture. Plus the service was abysmal, the restaurant was crowded, and when I say crowded I don’t mean like American restaurants get crowded I mean the waiters kept jostling our chairs as they passed, I could have easily reached over and picked food from my neighbors plate, I could have actively participated in their conversation, and at one point the person closest to me was almost sitting in my lap. Italian – we have no sense of personal space – crowded. This is why I don’t spend time at the beach in Italy in August, because from here on out it can only get worse. The cities on the other hand are wonderfully empty, there’s hardly any traffic, parking is plentiful and unlike the days of yore when one couldn’t even buy milk in cities in August, all services are available and all the people who are still around and working are surprisingly polite and unstressed. Which is why I’m going home on Tuesday. Anywaaaay, I should probably get off this tangent and back to my list of:

10 sounds that make me want to stab someone, then choke them, then throw their limp lifeless body down a ravine

1. clocks ticking

2. hands, fingers, feet, tapping

3. teeth grinding

4. or air being sucked through teeth

5. snoring

6. heavy breathing that almost qualifies as snoring

7. cuticle or nail picking

8. nose sniffling

9. tongue clucking

10. oh, and did I mention clocks ticking

Also, any noise at all when I’m trying to sleep.

I’m not sure, but I may, possibly, be a little high-strung. Just a thought.

p.s. also, yappy dogs, yappy dogs yapping away, make me want to kill myself.

The end.

27 thoughts on “Monday Listicles – Shut up, just shut that shit up already!

  1. My husband licks his fingers with a huge smacking noise while helping me prepare dinner. He doesn’t do it at the table, because he values his life, but he will do it in the kitchen and it grosses me out beyond words.

    I hate the door bell ringing. And I hate the sound of ice being popped out of a tray -metal or plastic. Luckily we have an ice maker, so I don’t have to hear that noise often, but when I do, uggghhhh!

    I also hate that fat fuck behind me in the movie theatre eating his popcorn.

  2. oh the yappy dog made my list too!! popping over from Monday Listicle, it’s my first week playing, not sure if people visit each other but i thought i would try to visit a few blogs.

  3. Teeth grinding and yappy dogs…both should be shot. Eh…maybe that is a bit extreme (or not). I would have to add finger licking to the list. That’s one thing I forgot to add to mine but it sort of goes along with my aversion to listening to people eat. Blech

  4. How did I forget SNORING?! My dad has always been an obnoxiously loud snorer and I remember crying once when I was a kid because he WOULD NOT STOP and I could NOT wake him up. It was very traumatic.

  5. Bam! You summed it up completely with this: “10 sounds that make me want to stab someone, then choke them, then throw their limp lifeless body down a ravine.” So you are in Italy?? Ellen

  6. Oh my, that dinner experience made me want to cook. And I really don’t like cooking 🙂
    Glad you mentioned the almost snoring. It is just as ad really…

  7. OMG this cracked me up – i am so sound sensitive that i can relate to most of these and add a handful more – just today i would add the sound my daughter kept making when she was rubbing her pages together in her book while reading (aargh) – my biggest one
    though is the sound of silverware being scraped against each other or the plate!

    nice to “meet” you today – deb @ home life simplified

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