Monday Listicles – Vroom, vroom

Stasha has been having car trouble lately, so cars are on the mind (though not in the garage, apparently), so the listicle this week is ten things about my car. I’m not much of a car person, as long as it’s reasonably comfortable, plays music and gets me where I want to get well that’s as far as my interest goes. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted the Husband to have a nice car, mostly because when I’m driving I have to get stuff done, when he’s driving I’m getting carted around, usually to dinner or on vacation or some other fun activity. My interest in cars is utilitarian at best, however, had she asked us to list ten things about our shoes… well, I would’ve had a hard time keeping it at only ten.

1. It’s grey. I hate grey, grey is boring. It’s practically the only color you can get a car straight off the lot here.

2. It’s a hybrid. With gas prices almost four times as high in Italy as in the US frankly it’s saving my wallet from a long, drawn out, and gory death. (Also, I hate listening to North Americans complain about gas prices. Seriously, four times as much!)

3. It’s not too big, it’s not too small…

4. I can actually park it in the land of no parking.

5. I still miss my lovely, fast, sassy, red mini cooper.

6. It’s got cameras for when I reverse, no risk of running over kids’ toys! (or kids)

7. I secretly want to get a minivan (or a Porsche)

8. I feel virtuous driving a hybrid.

9. The Husband just got a new car and the kids keep asking me when I’m going to change mine… not any time soon, since we just also bought a house.

10. Though it may not sound like it, I’m actually quite fond of my Prius and still happy I bought it.

Since I wrote this post a few days ago, I’ve actually come up with two more things about my car…

11. It’s the first car I’ve bought myself.

12. When my dad bought my cars, I drove nicer cars.

Happy Monday!

13 thoughts on “Monday Listicles – Vroom, vroom

  1. When I was single I drove nicer cars too. If I could shrink my dog I would drive the car you have. Although it is rather nice to have a US minivan that has the square footage of my first apartment back in Slovenia. Makes me feel petite 🙂
    Viva la hybrid!

  2. Good ones! I drove cruddy cars when my parents were paying for them – I had a brief period a a childless adult when I drove really nice cars. Now that I have kids, I’m back to cruddy cars with a new appreciation that my parents paid for anything that had a motor 😉

  3. Ooooh, the back up camera must be a nice tool! I don’t have a Prius, but I do drive a Hyundai Elantra that gets better mileage than the average car. In fact, that’s why we bought it.

  4. When I first got a back-up camera, I thought it was ridiculous and that I didn’t need it. However, I was too lazy to read the manual to figure out how to turn it off. It’s evil plan has worked and it has insinuated itself into my brain. Now when I am in a car without it, I have a panic attack. Ellen

  5. Gas is outrageous here too, and since I drive an automatic in the land of manuals I pay even more. I will never complain about gas if/when I ever go back to the states!

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