The – a photo’s worth a thousand words – Monday Listicle

It’s list-making time, my friends, and this week Stasha made it real easy for us. As per Jessica’s suggestion we’re posting ten pictures from our cellphones. Of course, I couldn’t keep it at ten, evidently I’m in the rebellious stage of the Monday Listicle evolution and I can’t seem to just keep my lists at ten. I apologize for my disregard for directions and I’d like to assure Stasha that it is  just a phase, soon enough I’ll be able to follow the listicle rules once again! So, here we go:

Ten (or so) photos of this weekend from my cellphone, plus one from a few weeks back (guess which one!)


On friday I did this…


…to make this…


…and this…


…because of this…


On saturday we did this…


… and a little of this…


… then we went to the supermarket like this…


On sunday, we woke up to a lovely early morning serenade thanks to this super fun (and not at all annoying) present from my mother in law.


… and then we finally finished this…


… and then we went out and wanted to buy all of these…


…once home we felt the need for some of this…


… and at long last we did this.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

25 thoughts on “The – a photo’s worth a thousand words – Monday Listicle

  1. WOW to the baking! I haven’t done my holiday baking yet (and thank god there are no birthdays that late in the year in our family), but I think I will tackle it this weekend… I am actually counting on my 15 yo daughter to bake with my son, while I sit and have a glass of wine 😉

    • My friends think I’m insane but I kind of enjoy going to the supermarket with two superheroes, it makes such a boring task more fun. Also, no chance of me getting mugged.

    • Well, to be really and truly honest, I made the 3 cake and then a friend helped put on the m&ms (and by helped, what I mean is that she did most of it, while I decorated the other cake).

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