The – why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut – Monday Listicle

Hi! This week the Listicle subject is my fault. Thanks Stasha for picking my suggestion! But you should really learn to ignore me, because this week, the listicle is just too damn hard, what the hell was I thinking??!!

I’ll tell you what I was thinking, a few listicles ago Ducky suggested we write ten amazing memories and it felt wonderful to remember some of the great things that have happened to me and to just generally look at the positive, so on the resulting high I tweeted this suggestion to Stasha: @NorthWestMommy Hey Stasha, how about 10 reasons why I’m great, just to get us in a positive mood before the Christmas insanity.

GAWD! Now what do I write? Cause I can’t very well ignore my own Listicle suggestion now can I? Note to self: next time write out the list before suggesting it to others. Why am I making such a big deal of this, you ask? Because what I hadn’t thought of is how to actually write this list without sounding like a gigantic self-important ass, or being falsely modest.

Anyway… here goes ten reasons why I’m wonderful (without being an ass or falsely modest.)

1. I can throw a pretty great party. Of course, I’m a nervous wreck by the time the party starts and don’t enjoy myself at all, but everyone else is happy and that’s what counts.

2. I worked for my husband for two years (as in he was my boss, I answered directly to him, I was managing a company that belonged to his family, so no pressure at all) and I managed not to kill him.

3. I generally learn from my mistakes (I’ll never work for my husband again, no matter how enticing the offer).

4. I get stuff done (when I’m not procrastinating).

5. I speak five languages (four fluently, one passably, I made no effort to learn any of them, it just happened when I was a kid).

6. I can out argue almost anyone.

7. I can also annoy almost anyone to the brink of suicide, which means I usually get what I set after.

8. I read really, really fast.

9. I can usually bake or cook myself out of any conflict (unless my mother is around, in which case I can’t cook at all for some reason).

10. I’m a really good mother. I know, I shouldn’t say it, but I am. I’m not the best mother out there, I’m not the most patient, I’m not the most fun, I’m not perfect, obviously, but my kids are well-mannered, they’re nice to everyone, they’re happy 99% of the time, they know right from wrong, and they’re very, very loved. This is actually the one that lifts my spirits up when I’m down, or when I’m wondering if I’m doing anything right, I look at them and they’re happy, so yeah, I’m doing a good job.

I’m going to be looking over this list often in the next month or so, when the holiday blues hit, when I’m overloading on too much family time, too many obligations, when I inevitably forget to mail Christmas cards, or buy someone important a present, when I’m fighting with my husband or my kids because that’s what too much holiday togetherness and too much holiday sugar does to us. And I’ll be looking over all of your lists too, because it’s important to remember how wonderful each of us is, but it’s also important to remember how much wonderfulness surrounds us.

Thanks Stasha for coming up with Monday Listicles, and for picking mine this week!

By the way… I got sucked back into the black hole for bloggers that is twitter, so please be nice and follow me. If only for my self-esteem… and yes, I will soon (soonish) set up the easy and practical sidebar button for just this here purpose, for now click on the link or search for thebonnybard or follow the smoke signals… please and thank you.

26 thoughts on “The – why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut – Monday Listicle

  1. I thought this was a great list subject, although the balancing act between ass and false modesty *was* tricky. I find snark is the solution to almost any problem.

    I really enjoyed reading your list – and why is it that I’m a reasonably capable human being, *unless* my mom is around? I think I revert back to being 11 somehow. Thanks for the fun list idea!

  2. This might have been my favorite listicle topic of all time. l have enjoy how positive it has been. I had a heck of a time writing it too but it was so worth it to read all of these great ones. Thanks for being brilliant with this suggestion.

  3. Thank you for such a fantastic list prompt. too often we get overwhelmed by all the responsiblity that falls on our shoulders; all the balls we try to keep in the air,…and how funny we look when some of the inevitably drop on our heads: we forget exactly like you have said — “wonderfulness surrounds us.” and it’s good to have that reminder about ourselves.
    so well done!! great list and thanks for having the rest of us take moment’s pause and ponder our own wonderfulness!

  4. This was a really great topic – although it did really stump me at first – I had fun writing it. My cooking and baking skills always seem to be challenged when my mom is around, too. I usually mess at least one thing up.

  5. Hi Bonny. I started following you on Twitter. And I love your blog! Your Listicles idea was hard, yes, but as usual I made a giggle fest out of it. LOL
    As for your list, I can relate to 1, 6 and 7. And number 4 is my mantra. I read really really slowly, and wish I could read faster. I have a reading wish list a mile long!

  6. I LOVE your list! I could never work for my husband. We would not survive. We also couldn’t go on the Amazing Race together. And 5 languages?!? I can barely speak one. That’s impressive. I like #10 though. Being a good mom does not mean being a perfect mom. Great list!

  7. I think this was a great, yet difficult topic which I put off all day until now. I didn’t add master procrastinator to my list because I write about the fact that I am really great at it a lot. Well at least you learned from the working for your hubby mistake. I’m impressed and intrigued by the 5 languages. I have a great handle on Spanglish! I cook, not bake. As moms, we just do our best!

  8. Great list. Thanks for coming up with the idea just when I was coming back to the Listicle! I really had to think hard on this one.

  9. I too am a party planner, fast reader, and another great mama! I do love how you chose this topic because all too many times do we dedicate space on our blogs to our own shortcomings and insecurities. It felt good to validate ourselves for a change!

  10. I loved your list…especially the part about working for your husband and not killing him, followed by learning your lesson and that you can out-argue anyone AND annoy anyone almost to the brink of suicide. Maybe you’re lucky he didn’t kill you! 😉

    • Thanks! You are super great, as are the listicles! for now my kids speak mainly Italian, some English though they understand everything, and a little portuguese (but they understand everything!). I’m pretty sure that their english will be fluentish as they get older, but only time in the states will make it completely fluent. Hoping their grandma warms up to having them stay as they get older!!

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