Road trip!

I’m off today, off in a beautiful land filled with children, two at a time, dogs, handsome ranger husbands, and snow… lots and lots of snow. I’m in Alaska today, freezing my butt off, if I may add…

Just kidding, the lovely Bridget of Twinisms has left the kids, dog and snow in favor of a week in the sun with the aforementioned husband just back from Afghanistan. She asked if anyone was interested in guest posting, I excitedly said yes, and then forgot about it… Thankfully Bridget is a really nice gal and send me a “where the hell have you disappeared to” email so I got my butt in gear and she kindly found me a spot in the lineup.

So go visit me there please, and find out how much of a workout my butt’s been getting.

Notice how I’ve written butt at least four times already? That’s in honor of Jackson, a.k.a. BUTTCHEEKS!

Now go, go, go!

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