Monday Listicles – The Purse Edition

It’s been one of those weeks… We’re finally back to normal, I started going to the gym again, the Boy is taking off with his skiing lessons, the Girl is settling into her routine again, and the Husband is back at the office. He shouldn’t be, but he is…

And we are still so happy to be home. It’s crazy, I always get so depressed when I get back to Italy, I bitch and moan about how I wish I was back in the US, I hate on Italy for a few months and then I get back to normal, but I guess there’s nothing like spending your holidays in the hospital to make you appreciate your boring every day life, right?!

Today we took the kids to the mountains, we live at the foot of some of the most beautiful mountains in Italy, it takes us less than thirty minutes to get to some pretty awesome skiing locations, so before I get to the Listicle, I wanted to share some pictures from our day, because it’s important to remember how awesome our boring every day life is.

The Boy, The Girl, and me

The Boy, The Girl, and me

The Husband and me

The Husband and me

There's just something about rolling around in the snow...

There’s just something about rolling around in the snow…

The best thing about the day? Hot chocolate with whipped cream at the end of it!

The best thing about the day? Hot chocolate with whipped cream at the end of it!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming… this week Stasha picked Ducky’s ( suggestion for ten things in our purse. Ha! I wish I only had ten things in my purse!

Anyway, here goes, and with pictures this time… I know, shock and awe!

My purse and ten things therein:


I have many purses (or handbags, as my British friends never tire of correcting me), I’m a shopaholic, in case you didn’t know, or I was (before kids). This isn’t one of my nicest bags, but it’s the one I turn to consistently over and over, no matter the season, it matches most of what I own, it’s the perfect size, and the butterflies make me happy, what more can one ask of a purse?!

1. a bag within a bag:

pink bag

I love this little bag, it has all the crap that for some inexplicable reason I have to constantly switch from bag to bag because I simply CANNOT leave the house without it, but that I never use, like a needle and thread, and band aids, and mints (that have been in there for at least a year).

2. a wallet


I bought this wallet in 1993 and though I have, occasionally, cheated on it, it has been a long and enduring love affair.

3.  a phone – although, truth be told, the phone is generally in my hand, in fact… it’s in my hand right now, taking pictures of my purse. Eight cameras in this house, I swear to god, and countless thousands of dollars spent on photographic equipment, gigantic lenses and whatnot, and we always just end up taking pictures with our iphones.

4. A fantastic colored lip balm and hand cream by living libations (check them out, it’s worth it!)


5. gum (for me) and candy (for emergency child management situations)


6. another bag within a bag

other bag

This bag contains the stuff that I don’t want randomly falling out in front of strangers. Like lady products, and meds, and deodorant, and more lipgloss because one can never have enough lipgloss.inside the bag

7. a little chocolate from the Husband, waiting to be eaten on a really bad day.


8. keys

the keychain is from the Boy's christening.

the keychain is from the Boy’s christening. the broken thingy on it beeped if I lost my keys… it was genius, and I forgot to get another one when I was in Houston last. I lose my keys a LOT!

9. Kleenex, a happy, colorful pen, and a hair thingy.

I have all of these items in my bag within a bag but I guess I need backups. Because I'm anal. In case you hadn't noticed already...

I have all of these items in my bag within a bag but I guess I need backups. Because I’m anal. In case you hadn’t noticed already…

10. a Ziploc bag with the children’s old binky’s, hanging on to my everyday for dear life for some reason, hiding away in the deepest recesses of my purse…

these make me a little sad and longing-y

these make me a little sad and longing-y

so there you have it, some of the crap in my purse, I spared you the dirty tissues, the old receipts, the gum wrappers, the crushed crackers and other varied and sundry trash being lugged around with me daily. You’re welcome.

Have a lovely Monday!

15 thoughts on “Monday Listicles – The Purse Edition

  1. Your British friends would probably be appalled if they knew that I ever called my purse (handbag) a pocketbook. That is SO old school! Love all the ski pictures. The bag within the bag makes perfect sense to me, especially if you change bags a lot.

  2. Well, first off, gorgeous family photos! Second, I love the whole bag-in-a-bag concept. So very efficient. Last, that cinnamon Trident gum is the best ever. Can’t live without it. 🙂

  3. Another bag within a bagger…AWESOME! I do that too. And I am ABSOLUTELY checking the link for the handcream. My hands are horrible this winter. They look like a transplant from a 90 year old. The winter has been brutal!

    Love the snow pics too. There IS something about rolling around in the snow. Lil Duck LOVES doing that. I’m thinking maybe I’m missing something. Next time it snows? My Duck butt is going down!

  4. The snow pictures are beautiful! And you just can’t beat hot chocolate!

    I love that you have bags within a bag. 🙂 I ran across my little guy’s paci’s a few days ago. They were stowed away in the back of a drawer. I remember when he gave it up.. I felt like I needed to use it for him that night!

    Kate @

  5. Your ski pictures made me drool. So gorgeous! I’m glad it makes being there a little easier.
    I love that you have bags withing bags—complex and layered like you. Ellen

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