Help me out of the sink-ing ship!

So I’ve mentioned how I bought a house last year, right? And I’ve been knee deep in toilets? Well now, I’m drowning in a sea of sinks, bathtubs and showers. Everyone keeps saying this is the “fun part” of renovating a house… though it really seems more of the “water boarding part” of renovating a house. I spent all morning yesterday at a bathroom store looking at sinks, and faucets, and cabinets, and… oh my GOD the tedium! They were all wonderful. Almost every single thing in the store was great. Which makes me want to shoot my brains out all over everything because how am I supposed to decide?

Which is where you come in… I need your opinion, so go ahead, weigh in! We’re starting with the powder room today. I want the wow factor in this half bath and since there’s only so much wow you can elicit with a toilet I’m thinking the sink is where it’s at (we’ll be discussing wall paper and floors next).

So what do you think of these, love, hate or what the hell is she thinking? (Excuse the images, but I took pictures of the catalogues with my phone… not my best work…)


I imagine this with a rococò gold swirly wallpaper background.


I found the perfect newsprint tiles to go with this, can’t find the image now, but I’ll post it as soon as I do. Just imagine newspaper cutouts on the floor with the occasional, small, colorful, butterfly… flying around.

the handle is encrusted with tiny, diamond-like, swaroski crystals

the handle is encrusted with tiny, diamond-like, swaroski crystals

espresso cup sinks!

espresso cup sinks!

coffee cup sinks!

coffee cup sinks!

Fancy coffee cup sinks!

Fancy coffee cup sinks!

So what do I do, WHAT DO I DO??!!

12 thoughts on “Help me out of the sink-ing ship!

  1. The 3rd is my favorite cabinet though I really like the vessel sink in picture 1. I like the coffee cup pedestals too, but I’d be worried I would tire of them (and no storage!) after a few years. Oh, how fun!

    • Storage isn’t really an issue cause it’s for the guest bathroom so I don’t need a lot of anything in there, but the more I look at the coffee cups the less I like them… plus the Husband was just saying how you may need to look at them from a bit far off to get what they are and this bathroom is pretty tiny. The second and third are my favorite too! Thanks for weighing in!!!

  2. #2, love love love!! It’s going to be loud though, are you sure you can live with that long term? I’m thinking of the red kitchen. But if you’re going for Wow factor I would go with that one for sure. And I love the idea of the newspaper print tiles!

    In order I like #3 then #1 after that. I’m not a big fan of those coffee cup sinks. They’re cute, but gimmicky – like something in a coffee shop bath. Plus if that sink gets clogged up it would be a nightmare to fix -now?

    • yeah, I’m going off the coffee cups as the hours go by…
      The Husband was wondering the same thing (getting tired of number 2) but it’s for the guest bath, it’s not like I’m going in there every two minutes…and I can play around with the walls and accessories with all those colors…
      Right now it’s between 2 and 3…

  3. I like #2 as well. I think the coffee mugs will go out of style very quickly. #3 isn’t a ‘wow’ to me, and #1 I don’t think will go with the wallpaper you’re thinking…in the end, it’s your bathroom, and as long as you like it, does it matter what any of us think.

  4. Oh, it’s going to be really cool! I find all these choices very stressful as well.

    In terms of sinks, I really like the first one. It’s pretty and looks like it would feel good to touch. The black and white cabinet makes me dizzy, however. I think if both sides of the pattern lined up, I would like the entire unit, because I like the lines, but the disconnect in the pattern is hard for me to look at. I actually like the third cabinet a lot, but as someone said, it doesn’t have the drama you’re looking for. Number two is a little explode-y for me, although the colors are fun and would give you a lot of options.

    If I may be totally candid, the cups really annoy me.

    • Candid is absolutely what I’m looking for.
      Explode-y… perfect adjective as usual and may be what I’m looking for…
      Although I really like the gold one so I may have to look into an explode-y mosaic or wallpaper to go with it so I still get the wow. THANKS

  5. I like the 2nd one because mainly I’m intrigued by the newsprint tiles you were describing. If you are looking for pop, that would do it.
    I have to say that I like the expresso cup sink, but I would NEVER suggest to anyone that it was a cup. Look at it outside of the title that boxes it in. The fluid lines and feeling of movement that sink evokes is pretty pleasing to me. Imagine it sitting on a ledge of glass with uplighting below. (But to be clear, the coffee cup pedestal sinks are not my fave.) Ellen

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