Monday Listicle – The oh my husband is so wonderful Edition

Hello friends, happy Monday! It’s Listicle time! This week’s topic is courtesy of yours truly, thank you Stasha for picking my suggestion! I’ve been meaning to dedicate a post to the Husband for some time now, but something always gets in the way (namely my erratic posting habits), so guilt-ridden after my Valentine’s day fiasco I suggested ten ways my partner’s awesome, because, of course, he is (I picked him, didn’t I?) and I would do well to remember that! It works out ever so perfectly because tomorrow is father’s day here, in Italy it is always celebrated on St Joseph day, March 19th, which is one of the many holidays I routinely forget about as it is the “wrong” month (as far as I’m concerned!).

Anyway, repenting my many sins in the spirit of lent (even though I’m not catholic), I give you, ten ways The Husband is awesome:

1. He’s married to me, I’m awesome, ergo he is awesome by association.

2.  He gives me regular foot massages or back rubs (and not always with an ulterior motive)

3. He’s a wonderful father

4. He’s the friendliest guy I know

5. He’s also the nicest guy I know, an example: when he was in the hospital in Houston one day he was being taken to get a test done and the girl pushing his bed was training, so it was her and two other women (and me, he looked like he had some sort of weird entourage…), anyway she had probably just started because she was not very good… in fact, she kept banging him into corners and it took forever to get in and out of the elevators… standard fare for a beginner, but she was obviously getting flustered as he was obviously very uncomfortable, anyway all of a sudden he turns to her, touches her hand, and says, don’t worry, you are a good driver this has been a fun ride. In any situation when he could possibly have the option of complaining, or being an asshole, or being stern, he’ll always choose to be nice. I really hope my kids take after him.

6. He’s thoughtful.  A few months ago I had a movie night with the girls and last minute we had nowhere to do it cause all our husbands and kids were home, so he set us up in his office, he took time out of his day to organize a big screen tv and comfy chairs and everything I would need to connect my ipad so we could watch the movie. He even left us drinks… and he doesn’t have a lot of time to take out of his day.

7. He can fix or rewire anything in the house. He’ll bitch while he’s doing it, and I need to be around to hand him tools and stuff, but he does it, and he does a damn good job of it too.

8. He’s an optimist (most of the time). When I met him he was the poster boy for positive thinking, he gave my dad (the most optimistic person I had known till I met the Husband) a run for his money. Obviously, the leukemia changed this about him, not the first time around, the first time he was Mr Positivity, there was always a doctor or a nurse in his room just to have a chat, that’s how pleasant he was to be around. Of course, when the leukemia came back that changed his attitude a lot, he was a lot sicker, he was out of strength (mentally and physically), he had probably reached his limit, so he turned into a very negative, pessimistic version of himself. But you can’t fight nature, and I see some of the light coming back…

9. He likes to dance. He’s not always … er… Fred Astaire… but he’s always up for going dancing, so can’t really complain, now can I!

10. He’ll always cut the chicken or raw meat up for me to cook when it grosses me out. And he cooked it when I was pregnant and couldn’t look, smell or eat meat of any kind unless it was properly camouflaged in the form of a very loaded burger or sandwich.

11. He sends me flowers. He sends his mother flowers. He always tries to make me happy. (and it mostly works) – I added this one because #1 doesn’t really count…

12. he is a wonderful lover ;P

Well, rereading this, he is pretty awesome… and now I have something to go read when he does something that makes me want to rip his head off (which is likely to be daily).

(#12 appeared after I wrote the list and left it for him to read… though I have no evidence, I believe I have a pretty good idea as to who could possibly have added it.)

29 thoughts on “Monday Listicle – The oh my husband is so wonderful Edition

  1. Great list. It’s great to have a positive attitude and I hope, his will come back to the way it was. I like how we both had the same thought about coming back to the list on those days they are not so awesome!!! 🙂

  2. He sounds wonderful. I love him for the cutting up raw chicken. My husband will kill and pluck a chicken, but he wants nothing to do with cutting it up and cooking it.
    Cracks me up that he added #12. I thought about adding it, but my dad reads the blog. We’d all be way too uncomfortable.
    Great list!

  3. I thought I did a pretty good list — but how did I miss the obvious: you’re #1.

    pretty sure I am going catch heck for not mentioning the foot rub and back rub thing…although I did allude to #12. sorta.

  4. Love the list!!!! Thanks for providing the idea for this week’s topic.

    I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this list when I read #1 (lol).

    #10 is soooo sweet and #11 is even sweeter!

  5. That’s a great list, he sounds awesome. And let me tell you I DO NOT CUT RAW CHICKEN! If it doesn’t come just like I need it, it doesn’t get cooked!

  6. What a great and beautiful list. I’m so glad you suggested this Listicle! When I started it I thought my list would be something that others wouldn’t necessarily care to read, but I have really enjoyed reading these lists! It’s so nice to see such positive things said about our partners in crime. So often you hear a lot complaining on the interwebs. So this was a great idea!

  7. Makes me giggle at the addition of #12. And life tests such as yours and his would lend itself to bouts of negativity. We are only human. Very happy to hear the light is returning! You DO have a wonderful partner!

  8. This was a great list suggestion! I don’t usually write about my husband at all, so it was fun to share a little more about him. 🙂 I love the story about what your guy said to the girl in the hospital – it was so kind of him to help her feel better when she was feeling flustered.

  9. A guy who cuts up the chicken? He’s a keeper. I always try to buy the whole bird to save money, then curse all the while, I’m trying to hack it up. And a dancer. Woo. It took over 20 years, but I now can pull my reluctant husband on the dance floor.

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