The Hot to Trot Monday Listicle

Hello friends, and happy Monday!

This week I’m going to be bad and not follow Stasha’s Listicle prompt, sorry Stasha! But I’m hoping once you see my list you won’t mind, or care at all, in fact….

Because, you see, I’ve been watching altogether too much tv lately and I’ve noticed a decided decline in my cognitive ability… in fact, I seem to have developed a schoolgirl crush on Ian Somerholder.

This is Ian Somerholder:

ian somerhalder 3

Or rather I’ve developed a schoolgirl crush on Damon Salvatore, the character he plays in the Vampire Diaries.


I’ll let that sink in for a second. And for those of you new here I’m a “respectable” 37 year-old wife and mother, the reason behind my watching the Vampire Diaries is beyond even me. I blame the novelty of Netflix, and the abysmalness of Italian television programming (and quite possibly the fact that too much television kills brain cells.)

In the last six months since my mother revealed to me the secret of streaming American shows abroad I’ve watched more shows than I will admit to and developed a series of truly improbable crushes. The last of which is Ian Somerholder, because though a tragic douche in Lost, in the Vampire Diaries he’s terribly sexy (and he knows it, if the number of gratuitously shirtless scenes in the show are any indication).

ian-somerhalder abs2

in case you’re wondering, I’m not opposed to the gratuitously shirtless scenes in the show.

I’ve also managed to crush on Kris Holden-Reid from Lost Girl (has anyone even heard of this show??):

a bit too leonine and blonde for my taste, but he does have the requisite blue eyes and sculpted torso.

a bit too leonine and blonde for my taste, but he does have the requisite blue eyes and sculpted torso.

Matt Bomer from White Collar

matt bomer bw 2

though he’s undeniably hot, his costar Tim DeKay is sexier in my opinion, there’s something almost feminine about Matt Bomer, delicate features or something that makes me want to look at him but absolutely not sleep with him (which is fortunate as I’m positive he would absolutely not want to sleep with me. So we can just be friends, Matt, ok, just walk around shirtless every once in awhile and I’m happy):


Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors, which, incidentally, is a really good show.

jonathan rhys meyers2

There’s something about him that makes him seem a bit psychotic or serial killer-ish, which made him perfect to play Henry the eighth – who was not renown for being especially stable – but he doesn’t fill me with confidence as to my safety around him, which is, of course, not a problem, as I can’t imagine us ever running in the same circles. Also, he’s probably a perfectly nice guy.

maybe it's the sword...

maybe it’s the sword…

And my longest standing crush:


Yes, I’m predictable, Ryan Gosling, but how could I keep him out of this list, I mean, just look at those abs!

ryan gosling abs 2

Is it sad, I wonder, to occasionally sit at traffic lights and daydream about these total hotties falling madly, passionately in love with me? (with their shirts open, of course) Or does it mean that they’re just doing a really, really good job at whatever they’re doing?

Anyway, there you have it, five of my most recent crushes for this week’s Listicle, I feel like I’m providing a public service today by helping you start your week out right with a little eye candy!

p.s. While diligently and meticulously scouring the net for half-naked pictures of the above-mentioned (and, though arduous and tedious work, I did It just for you), I found out that Bradley Cooper has a pretty hot bod. Who knew?!


14 thoughts on “The Hot to Trot Monday Listicle

  1. I am definitely not watching enough TV. I hadn’t heard of most of these young lovelies. Though my husband and I did watch The Tudors. It was pretty amazing how they aged old Henry.

    • I agree! They did a great job. In fact, in the first two seasons I kept wondering how they were going to get him to end up fat and gouty like the famous portrait!

  2. I love your list!! Amen to breaking the rules!!
    So i feel slightly bad and hope it doesn’t burst your bubble that Bomer did come out as gay…… doesn’t bother me though. still hot!)

  3. I have only seen an episode or two of The Vampire Diaries, but I also remember him from Lost. I watched a couple of seasons of The Tudors and of course, I have seen Ryan around. (Films and the web, that is – not the neighbourhood, or anything.) 🙂

    • I’m glad you specified that only in films and the web or I would have been totally envious! Although, much like anything that is part of our daily lives, if he did live in the neighborhood I probably wouldn’t think he’s as hot as I do now.

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