Nobody and dating

A girl is nobody. That was a part of game of thrones I had never really understood, how can a person really become nobody? Some vestige of yourself remains, doesn’t it? Unless you have amnesia of course.

A girl is nobody. I get it now though. A girl just needs to get separated or divorced.

So I wonder now, how does nobody date? How do you know who nobody wants to go out with, who she likes? Who does nobody attract? Nobody, in my opinion.

And when is nobody ready to even actually contemplate dating? Is nobody capable of dating after almost twenty years of not dating? How does it work? How and where does nobody meet people?

I’m not sure nobody should be dating though. Dating might lead to nobody becoming somebody, but the wrong somebody, the somebody who’s dating so and so.

Nobody needs to become somebody on her own terms, before dating so and so, because nobody doesn’t want to be defined by anyone but herself. She just doesn’t know who she is yet. Right now nobody is ok.

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