Monday Listicles – we’re not in kansas anymore, Toto

This week’s listicle is coming to you from Milan, more specifically from the Brazilian consulate, where I’m trying to get my Brazilian passport sorted and the kids’ births registered and whatnot. Considering the lines, I’ll probably be old and grey by the time I make it out of here, but hey, my kids will have dual citizenship so it’ll be worth losing the better part of my youth over (or not…). Anywaaaay…. This week’s listicle is courtesy of Anja of Cocalores, ten clues you’re living in 2012, or for us born in the seventies the “we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto” edition.

Ten clues you’re living in 2012

1. you text your husband to ask him to bring you a glass of water

2. your whole entire life is on your phone

3. all your framed pictures are ten years old

4. you not only type faster than you can write, your hand gets crampy from writing out an honest to goodness pen to paper thank you note

5. you don’t understand “thank you note”

6. you haven’t bought an actual, non digital book in at least four years

7. you obsessively google every tiny little question that pops into your mind, no “I wonder” is left unanswered

8. you spend hours of your day on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and blogs

9. your best friends are online

10. your mind has processed more information in the last hour than you can even imagine and yet you can’t remember what you had for dinner unless you sit there and think about it

11. you know none of your friends’ or loved ones’ numbers by heart

12. you have serious problems following simple directions, like keeping a list at ten.

Boa segunda feira a todos! (Happy Monday to all!)

22 thoughts on “Monday Listicles – we’re not in kansas anymore, Toto

  1. Oh yeay!! You know what freaks me out? When I start typing my question on google and it completes it for me! As if google knows how dumb I am… Good luck at the consulate. My son will be old enough to join the army by the time I get around to applying for his Slovenian passport…

    • Oh I still buy some real books, but it’s mostly stuff like cookbooks or the kids’ storybooks, but all the fiction I read is on kindle nowadays. Sad, but true!

  2. You made it to 12!! I stopped at 9. Total copout but there was a pretty bird outside. You are a far superior lister than I!

  3. Aaand thank to technology, there’s just ONE MORE thing to make me look the idiot I am…dual comments….that don’t match. Gotta love blog surfing from the iPhone. Sigh….

    • The only numbers I still remember are the ones I memorized (and used daily) before all the technology, like all my old home phones, my best friend in middle school, my boyfriend in high school… I should try dialing them and see who answers now, in fact!

    • Sad but also wonderful, online friends make as much of a difference as real life friends! (and no chance of them popping in and seeing me vacuuming in my granny panties)

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