Like a will-o-wisp

The moon, this morning, the moon was magical. I was driving the kids to school and I looked towards the mountains that surround us and the sight I saw, I don’t know if I have the skill to adequately describe it.

The sky was blue, that deep light blue that seems to go on for miles and is so bright it’s almost fake, that you only get on very crisp, very cold mornings in places where there is no smog. The mountains that surround us here were pink, that orangeish pink of when the rising sun reflects on snow, the pink that signals a new day, a new beginning, and that this morning felt like hope to me. And then the moon, the moon was full and low, right above the mountains, and it was huge, enormous, it looked unreal, so bright and white it was almost blinding, like it was photoshopped above the mountains by someone with no sense of proportions. I tried to photograph it, I couldn’t though, it didn’t work, the image looks like it was taken on an entirely different day.

moon post 41217

This moon is called a supermoon, I won’t get into the science but it’s a phenomenon that happens rarely throughout the year and it has to do with the moon’s orbit and the fact that these days it’s extra close to the earth.

I’m always a bit perturbed when I think about the moon, I feel it’s energy, I have an almost mystical relationship with it. Whether it’s real or just in my head is irrelevant, the moon affects the tides and I believe it affects me as well. Human beings are superstitious after all. Superstition or magic or a communion of cosmic energies is what brings me each night when I see the moon to touch my forehead, mouth, and heart and to say: “my thoughts, my breath, my heart, to you, sister moon”. I don’t remember where and when I learned this, I don’t know why I do it, I just know that I do, each time I see it, like a prayer, like a mantra, like a compulsion.

When the moon is full I don’t sleep well, with last night’s moon I slept fitfully and I woke too early and feeling strange.

I thought it was about Shawty, I’ve been preoccupied with him, things have been happening, but that’s for the next post. Let’s just say I thought I wasn’t sleeping because of him. And then I saw the moon today. And it’s not about him, my sun and stars don’t always rise and set with him.

Sometimes they rise and set with the moon. A beautiful, magical, mystical supermoon that shakes me and calls to me like a will-o-wisp in a bog, like a siren, like an ancient, primal compulsion. That reminds me that we are all just bits of light-emitting energy in a vast, vast universe and that our trials and tribulations, our wins and our losses, our joys and our sadness are both vitally important and utterly insignificant, and somehow, in a way I can’t really explain, I find all this rather comforting every time I see the moon smiling at me from above.

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