Monday Listicles – The Closet Edition

I’m back! Back home, after a nightmare vacation, and back to the listicles, yay!

This week Stasha asked us to list 10 things in our closet. I haven’t got my act together enough to actually have pictures, but I’m betting no one really expected me to. Plus, I’m still unpacking so my closet is a complete nightmare right this minute. Also, I’m still jet-lagged and my kids have been up from 2am to 4am every night since we arrived from Houston. It’s a miracle they’re still alive, in fact.

So here goes, ten things in my closet:

1. four pairs of identical slippers, in different colors. My favorite slippers have become hard to find, for once in my life I managed to plan ahead and bought all the ones I could find. Clearly, slippers are important to me.

2. 23 pairs of jeans. Only 4 actually fit me.

3. 53 t-shirts. I’m not kidding. 53 actual t-shirt, this does not include long-sleeved t-shirts, tank tops, or other types of short-sleeved top. I may have some sort of undocumented t-shirt addiction.

4. 7 coats, a very long grey one, a black one, a purple one, a navy blue one, a lovely red one, a snowy white one, and a Jacqueline Kennedy-esque pink and white one. It’s cold where I live, which is why I hardly ever wear coats, I wear big, bulky, Michelin man, down jackets. And yet I have 7 coats.

5. Three drawers full of socks.

6. One drawer full of clothes I’ll never fit into again, but can’t bear to part with.

7. 12 evening gowns. From before I had children.

8. A gym bag, which is finally seeing some action this year, and my yoga kit.

9. Presents for the kids’ and husband’s future birthdays. The most obvious place, hence the only place no one ever looks. I’m a genius.

10. And a partridge in a pear tree. (not really – just lots, and lots, more clothes and bags)

My shoes, which I haven’t mentioned as you may have noticed, reside elsewhere. And probably deserve a post of their own.

I’m so happy to be back to the listicles and my very normal, mundane life!