Coffee and Chit Chat

Hello dear friends, and welcome to coffee. If we were really meeting for coffee, I’d tell you about the last few days.

I’ve mentioned before that I have some really good friends here and the more I talk about it the more proof I have that it’s true. Last week we organized a girls’ movie night, one of our friends is going through a really crappy divorce (I know divorce is always crappy, but sometimes you luck out and the person you are divorcing is a mature, compassionate, sensible and responsible human being, in this case however he is an immature, irresponsible, arrogant, inconsiderate, piece of horse shit), so she needs regular distractions from her situation. So we decided to go see Magic Mike (which was still on at the theatre here). And why yes, we wanted to go see it for the articles.

First a note about the movie itself, for those who haven’t seen it: It was generally pretty horrific. The men though hot, were not really sexy… I don’t know, I just can’t get behind the whole man in a thong thing (pun intended!) and the parts where they aren’t stripping are pretty boring, so it’s basically the movie equivalent of Fifty Shades, that said, we had fun.

Seeing the movie itself was not without its obstacles, we decided to go see it last Friday, and last Wednesday they took it out of the movies. So I downloaded it on my ipad, but obviously, we couldn’t all watch it off an ipad. The only one of us (the soon to be divorcee) who didn’t have kids or a husband at home, didn’t have a tv built in the last century to which we could hook up the ipad (guess who took her new tv…). It took awhile, but we finally found a place to go laugh, and whoop, and act like drunk college students (or cougars, whichever you prefer), the Husband’s office. (He gets his own post about what a wonderful husband he is later in the week). He set up a big screen in his office, hooked it up for us, got us comfortable chairs and left us with the keys and the “don’t get too drunk” speech.

Today, another friend gave me an awesome belated birthday present, she invited me to her house for coffee, but was waiting for me outside, got in my car and directed me to an undisclosed location – her beautician, of whose massage skills she’s been waxing poetic for months. So I got a wonderful surprise massage instead of coffee today, and then we had a quick lunch. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! (Also, the most relaxed)

I would like to go on, as I haven’t done a virtual coffee in a long time, but nap time is almost over so my time’s up. I’m going to try and get back into the swing of virtual coffee every week, I’ve missed it, and it’s a great way to catch up!

Till next time then, for now, toodles!


Girls’ night out – a post where I prove once again I have no concept of brevity

So I’m trying to organize a night out with the girls. I’ve mentioned before that I have a great group of friends here. In fact, I’ve found I’m pretty lucky in the friendship department. I still have a few good friends (some even amazing friends) in Houston though I haven’t lived there in many years now, I have some great friends in Milan, and now I have some awesome friends here. Even though when I came to this tiny rural town seven years ago (my God has it been that long?!?) I thought I would never again make friends like the ones I was leaving behind. In fact, I remember clearly stating to my  best friend in Milan that I would never find such good friends again, that at thirty, working full-time, in a company where, for all intents and purposes I was, not only the boss, but also the owner’s wife, I would never find the time to make friends and I couldn’t befriend my co-workers.
And instead, here I am, seven years later, two kids, no longer working full-time, and with some fantastic friends. As I said, lucky.

Amazingly, most of my girlfriends here are from English-speaking countries. I don’t know if I can fully convey how incredible (literally as in hard to believe) this is, we live in a mountainous area of northwest  Italy specifically known for how closed off the general population is and yet I’ve managed to find a group of girls my age (take or leave a few years) from the US, England, Australia, Canada, South Africa… and this fact, isn’t just surprising from a statistical point of view, it’s actually been a lifesaver for all of us. It’s hard living away from home, it’s hard always being a little bit foreign no matter how integrated you are. I’m Italian, but all of my childhood experiences, all the things that speak of “home” to me, many of my best and oldest memories are “American”, and even though I speak perfect Italian my first language is English.  Being around other people who feel just as foreign, who gripe about the same things, with whom I can, jokingly, rag on Italians without fear of offending anyone is liberating, it gives me a feeling of belonging.

Anyway, getting back on track (it’s astounding how I always manage to take off on a tangent for half an hour), we try to organize an evening out a month (it doesn’t seem like much, but just try organizing ten to fifteen women almost all of whom have kids and/or husbands, it’s like  trying to organize scattering ants) and at least one coffee a week. This week we’ve decided to ditch our husbands home with the kids on Friday night, right at dinner/bath-time so we can go out to the movies and possibly grab a quick bite first.

We need these girly nights, in fact we deserve these girly nights. We usually go out to eat somewhere nice, where the wine flows freely, or we (rather more rarely) go out for drinks, or dancing, but we’ve never all gone to the movies together. It should be fun, and er… funny… most likely. And now that I’ve hopefully got your curiosity a little bit peaked I wonder if you can guess what could possibly grab a group of thirty something women’s attention away from the wonderful dinner with free-flowing wine we normally would be having, diverting it instead to an evening of candy-smacking and popcorn-crunching at the movies.

Those who guess will be named my new super-duper best friends on the internet!

Cactus, cacti – penis, peni?

My little brother came to visit last week, my little brother who’s thirty-one years old and like six-foot three… maybe I should have started this sentence with my adult younger brother came to visit last week. Anyway, he may well be an adult, but he’s still my little brother, and when we’re together we tend to revert to our teenage years. Together we’re teenagers who can legally drink. And so I spent a very satisfying week just laughing, drinking, smoking, eating out, and watching idiotic movies. Many, many idiotic movies. And let me tell you it feels wonderful to put aside our responsibilities and adulthood every once in a while and just relax with someone who knows and loves you and who snorts and doesn’t judge if you fart in front of them.

You want to know what we watched? Because the list is impressive considering I still had two kids, a husband and a household to run…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 500 Days of Summer, You’re welcome America, She’s out of my league, The Tower heist, Zack and Miri make a porno, The forty year old virginX-men First Class, and most of Breaking Dawn part 1,

You want to know what most of these movies have in common? Male nudity. More specifically asses and penises. I’m serious, I’ve never seen so many male asses and penises in such a short period of time. And, other than from a couple of scenes of “Zack and Miri” there was not a breast to be found. How bizarre is that?

You know, it’s funny, I’ve never liked Italian comedy, I always thought it was stupid and made no sense, but now I realize that comedy is intrinsically tied to culture and heritage. I don’t get Italian comedy, but I get and enjoy American comedy, the stupider the better (as you can tell from my list of movies). And it’s refreshing to watch a movie with someone who laughs at all the same parts, who makes the same sarcastic comments and who quotes back the same lines endlessly.

So, if you don’t know what to watch this week and are in the mood for some mindless laughing I suggest any one of the movies above with a special mention to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and She’s out of my league, and, why not let me also add: Talladega nights: the ballad of Ricky Bobby (which is one of the best movie titles ever!), Date night, and Crazy, stupid, love which we would have watched had we had time.

What are some of your favorite comedies? I need more stuff to watch in the next few weeks to get me over missing my brother too much!

Also let me leave you with this little gem from one of the above movies, we cracked up over this repeatedly over the span of several days… although it may be a case of you had to have been there…